Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Video Blog!!

Click the video below to have this post narrated... it is my new experiment! (And no, there is nothing wrong with your video... I only recorded my voice...I didnt think you'd apprecaite seeing my bathrobe, messy hair, laundry piled up in the corner or chapped lips.)

Well, I'm going to try something different here.... you see, I am a multi tasker, as we women generally are. It is, perhaps, an evolutionary byproduct of raising children, of the generations of women who efficiently and seemingly effortlessly went about the daily tasks of maintaining a household with a baby one hip, a toddler under foot and umpteen children run about the house set on mayhem or killing themselves in some manner or another. I dont know about you but I can stir a pot, close a cupboard door, talk on the phone, and swat a cat off the kitchen counter without conscious thought...where as most men...well... you know.

I tend to be the same way on the computer... right now I have five different "pages" up- my hotmail, this blog and a google page with a search for Jonathan Field clinic info, and my messanger. During the course of writing this post I'll jump from one to the other on countless occasions...which probably accounts for the scattered nature of my posts... While I love to stop by to visit my fellow blogger's and read all about the lives, times, horses and opinions of these fabulous people's lives, I sometimes find that I just dont have the attention to devote to reading a long post, no matter how interesting....sometimes I wish that I could hit a button and have it read to me!

Which is part and parcel of why I've decided to offer a video-blog (is that a term?) of some of my posts. I really had hoped that I when I finally purchased a new horse I could start posting some short video posts of our adventures together but at this point that is not in the cards and so I figured, why not just get started by reading my some of post aloud! That way you other chronic-multi-taskers are free to go browse horse sale ads or make the bed... or whatever while listening to my oh-so-sexy (ha ha) narrate my often rambling and sometimes ranting posts.

And if nothing else, it will entertain me for a while...after all, I can only feed my Hawkydog so many carrots...although I have to say that yesterday's carrot intake resulted in some rather festive Halloween colored... well... you know.

Bye for now!

Oh! And do you think I have a Canadian accent?


  1. It's always good to hear a voice that goes with the blogger!
    I don't think you have a Canadian accent, or at least it didn't sound like it to me!!

  2. Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant!! You oght to be on TV. And you write all this stuff too!! All I can say is wow!!

  3. By the time I reached 0:31 you showed us your unique accent three times. *lol*

    Very cute idea, and accents are good things to have! My goal is to sound like a German who comes from this region of Germany. So far, I sound like an American speaking German, or if people are afraid to guess, and think about the *probability* of where I am from, they pick England or Ireland as guesses. I say, "Further, go further..."; )

    Wish I had the nerve to do that, but I cannot stand the sound of my recorded voice.

    But more bloggers should do this, because it gives a feel for who you are when you hear a voice!


  4. Cool - thanks for doing that!

    You totally have a Canadian accent, you hoser! Haha - just kidding.

    I was expecting a bit of a regional accent, but I guess you West Coasters don't sound much different from us Ontarians! :-) I wish I had a cool Cape Breton or Newfie accent - that would make a good video post!

  5. Yes, you do have an accent, albeit a slight one. It was fun to hear your voice.

  6. I think it's a great idea. You have a slight accent, I think.

  7. Cute! Fun to see something different. And yeah, I'd say you have a slight accent. Not that I'd have picked up where it was from.

  8. What a cool idea!

    I had to listen for it, but just caught the accent on a couple of words...about=aboot...WAY cute!

    Sadly, I have no accent. I can pick them up quickly, which some people find hilarious. But day to day, nothing.

    Here's a thought for you...apply for a job doing the recorded books. You have a great voice!


    See...it's in the cards.;)

  9. brown eyed cowgirls, you have no accent? try this test!

    this test is really fun, i think even canadians can have fun with it.

    sample question:

    12. When you say "about," does the "ou" sound like the "ou" in "loud"?


    i agree with the idea that you put your pretty voice to work doing recorded books! or work on the radio!


  10. That was fun! And girl, you so have a Canadian accent. It was all in the "about" or should I say "aboat". LOL!! But I think it's cool!! I sound like a midwesterner stuck in the south with this crazy cajun southern accent. It's not pretty!! hahaha!!