Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No Golfers Allowed!!!

What do you see when you look at this picture?

A beautiful day to work on your back swing?

A nice course to play with a good friend?

A bunch of booby traps *smirk* (I always smirk when I hear the word "booby trap"... Yes, I am immature. Booby!)?


I see...

Oh, I see!

Nothing but a big, flat, beautiful, tantalizing, scintillating...

...piece of turf just begging to be torn up by some shod, fleet limbed, 1200 pound animal...

Oh yah, I want to RIDE IT BABY!!!

I cant look at a golf course without thinking, "Dang! I'd love to go for a nice long gallop on that piece of turf!"

Kind of like what I feel when I look at this....

Would you look at that!

That soft sand...

That big, flat and wide open space...

That beautiful natural riding arena is my Back 40!

And guess what?

No horses allowed.

City rules.

I hate the city.

div>And those damn golf course owners who build big beautiful pieces of turf and then say "No Horses!"

Who do they think they are anyways?
If I were Bill Gates I'd build a golf course that banned golfers!! Yah! That's right. I'd build a big, green, perfect golf course and it would only be open to horses! Except wouldn't have sand traps...or water hazards....and it would have a barn, and a sand arena...and hot water hoses and a mechanical cow

....I guess it wouldn't be much of a golf course at all.

But you get my point.

Have all of you seen Robin Williams on golf?

It is freakin' hilarious... but warning it's also FULL of profanities.


  1. A friend of mine had their property "taken" by the town. Taken as in basically forced to sell. All because the town was expanding and they wanted to build a new golf course and fancy houses out that way.
    Yeah, a NEW golf course. Apparently the one the town already has isn't good enough anymore. :(
    On the flip side I did find the MOST PERFECT bumper sticker for her. It read:
    "Golf courses - a waste of valuable pasture!"

  2. I feel the same way when I see people struggling to mow an overgrown lawn. Save that poor lawn mower! I know two ponies who can clean that up for you in no time. No charge for the fertilizer.

  3. We just got back from a beautiful place that had a golf course like that(on the ocean) and I thought the same thing. My daughter once took a wrong detour in the woods with a friend and they came out on a golf course. They didn't tear up the turf though, they rode the cart paths.

  4. If I ever win the lottery (for bail money of course..) I am headed to 3 local snooooty golf courses to let my little cow pony run and slide! Heheheee!! Golf isn't a sport anyways! If you don't sweat and run/skate whats the point of it? Think of how many horses in need could be fed with all that wasted space!

  5. I guess we should be grateful they haven't paved it over completely! At least when those places go broke there's a chance they'll be kept a green space. And then we can ride through!

  6. I was totally thinking what you were thinking, that I wanted to ride my horses all over that golf course!! That would be so fun! Too bad all those golfers have to ruin it for us horseback riders!

  7. It was always a dream of mine. So I made it happen.

    I rode my horse across this golf course:


    We got chased by angry golf club employees.

    Do check out the pic of that golf course. It is on top of a mountain with a gorgeous view of downtown Seattle and Puget Sound.

    The perfect course to tear up with hooves.

    Checked off my bucket list!


  8. OMG! I have felt the same as you since I can remember. Total waste of perfect hacking trails. :) I absolutely loved the Robin Willams video. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.

  9. Hilarious! I feel the exact same way and I can't even count the number of times I've dreamed of taking my horse up to the golf course at night and just have an amazing time.