Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weird Question #1- Showering

For those of you who missed it, a week or so ago I did a post (link here) about the odd (ok...just plain weird) little bloggerdome questions that pop in to my head during the course of the day. Things like, "Do you feed your dog in the morning, evening, afternoon or free feed?" (see this weeks poll question). Well, this one would be hard to post in a poll so I'll just put it here.

It's kinda personal in a weird kind of way.

Here it goes:

When you finish showering, do you step out of the shower dripping wet and then use a towel or do you use a towel while still standing in the shower?

Ok... weird right? But it goes further. When you dry off, do you do a thorough job of it, or do you just do a general pat down (and then maybe a little more later on?)

Do you use one towel for your hair and one towel for your body or the same for both?

I know these questions seem odd but it is precisely the kind of thing people rarely think about....those little deeply ingrained habits that we subconsciously do the exact same way every single day without a thought.


  1. definitely stand in the shower to dry off, I absolutely HATE having to step on a wet bathroom mat. I use 1 towel for hair and body and do a very thorough job of driving off! :)

  2. I guess I should answer too!

    I stand in the shower in the shower. I use one towel and must have everything dry before getting out.

    Even I feel weird answering my own question!! lol

  3. You seriously crack me up!
    I dry off in the shower, I use the same towel for body and hair. I have to be completely dry before I step out of the shower.
    I do love your questions! They actually get the mind thinking! Love that!

  4. I have long hair and I hate how it drips all over me after the shower. I also hate stepping directly from the wet shower on to the rug.
    Sooooo, I bend over and dry my lower legs, flip the towel on the rug dry my feet, they wrap my hair in the towel, usually leaving my back and front wet.... I know, I know..... weird.

    I lotion my face and sunscreen.

    After a few minutes my hair is dry enough to not drip and I finish drying off my body, do the leave in conditioner on my hair and I'm good to go.....

    I'm so glad you asked, LOL

  5. in the shower, one for hair one for body and I dry very well. Can't stand being walking around wet.

  6. I love these!! I step out of the shower totaly dry, and I ues one towel for all! Thats the beauty of short hair.

  7. Oh, man! I left out part...I stand while showering!

  8. Ha, ha...diggin' these random questions. Too funny. Gotta dry off in the shower. Wet bathmat/floor makes me grumpy. Mostly get the legs and feet dry in the shower, then finish up in my closet while I'm figuring out my attire or getting out my PJs. Same towel gets used for my hair, unless I have remembered to grab my sham-wow. Just kidding...not a sham-wow. But I do have one of those turbie twisters, which I totally love. I just usually forget about it.

  9. I dry off completely in the shower. I use one or two towels, depending on what's handy and if I planned ahead. I hate a wet bathmat because they'll stay that way most of the day!

    I love your questions, Chelsi!

  10. my gosh i need a shower. thanks for reminding me.


  11. I think the leaving the shower wet must be a man thing. I hate drips and drops around the shower so I dry off completely inside the shower (after wrapping my hair in the first towel), and immediately put on my lotions.

  12. This is great!! I love to see that other people have random thoughts as much as I do....and judging from the responses, I'm far from alone in that! And you were worried about posting this sort of thing....Ha!
    Ok, I'm the freak here - I usually step OUT of the shower to get my towel, so I'm a mat dripper. Oh well. I also use a hair turban thingy to keep my hair from dripping everywhere. I dry thoroughly but tend to do a final "air dry" before dressing...nothing worse than trying to shimmy into jeans with sticky skin. Maybe it's the humidity here, I don't remember having that problem before..

  13. Love it! It's so funny to read thru the comments! I'm with Michelle in that I'm apparently a freak because I get out of the shower to dry off. In my defense, my bathroom is weird and the only place I can hang my towel is *just* out of my reach from the shower. I do try to "squeegee" as much water as I can off my body and out of my hair before I step out though and I can usually manage to not get the mat too wet. I use one towel to completely dry my body, then wrap my hair up in it.

  14. I get out of the shower to dry off. I like the cold air to hit me. I am always hot and sweaty so the cold air feels refreshing. I also HAVE to have the fan on in the bathroom. It drives me nuts to have a fogged up mirror. I use one towel for everything and I have to be totally dried off. Not a wet spot left!!

    And I feed my dogs twice a day, once in the am and once in the pm.

  15. I'm a mat dripper, I guess! I wring out my hair in the shower and shake each foot before stepping out of the shower. I use one smaller towel for my hair and a large beach towel to wrap up in. And I don't fully dry. I usually have a seat, wrapped in the towel, in front of my computer and check up on my email and social sites, the news, and a few blogs before finally getting dressed.

    I also have to have the fan on when I shower too!

  16. I'm late to the party, but I've taken my husband's habit of hanging the towel over the shower, so I generally grab it, stick my head out of the shower and rough it up good with the towel so it is not dripping all over me (I hate to have to re-dry because my hair drips), then I'll step out onto the mat (wet) and dry the top part of my body, then I walk over to the bed to dry off the bottom half. Then I wrap my hair in the towel until it is drier. Not only do I leave the mat wet, but also a wet footprint trail and a big wet spot on the end of the bed! It's very dry here, so it dries in no-time, and the humidity is good for the house. We have large and small towels, and I prefer to dry with the big and use the small ones for wrapping my hair, but I'll make an exception if we have only small towels in the bathroom I'll dry with them, or if I'm going to be leaving soon, I won't bother wrapping my hair in a smaller towel, I'll just use the big one.