Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pets on Halloween

Do you keep your little critters inside on Halloween? What about the big ones (horses, cows, sheep etc.) Do you keep them locked up? Or just keep a close eye on them?

I always make sure all the animals are in on Halloween and used to lock my horse in as well.

Poor little Hunter dog is not to happy with the fireworks outside right now.... whereas Hawky is curious but totally unconcerned. LuLu is curious as well but Bitty and Halle are hiding away. What about your pets?



  1. We currently live out in the sticks and our neighbors are all older with grown kids, so Halloween here is just another night. Thank God! I have lived in places where I made sure all of my animals were inside and the horses had light on them all night to detour anyone from bothering them...I also slept with my horses one Halloween while living in Reno as the neighborhood was having problems with kids that were running wild on a "normal" day.

  2. We've never had a problem on Halloween, but we live so far out that much doesn't happen out here. We only get a couple trick or treaters every year. We had 2 boys tonight, from the same family. It isn't a great neighborhood for trick or treating. Houses are so far apart.
    The only times we lock up the cats and dogs is on New Years and the 4th of July. We have no where to lock up the horses, so they just stay in their pastures!

  3. We always make sure at least one of us is home for any holiday that has to do with mischief or gunpowder.

  4. Just another night for us. We too live out in the country, locked gate, driveway 1/3 of a mile long. When we lived in So. Ca, we did not do much different. Well, we kept the porch light OFF, to send those few trick or treaters on down the street past our house. :-)

    But it was a beautiful fuul moon last night! I bet some areas had lots of odd things go on.

  5. I've never had problems at Halloween with anyone bothering livestock, even in town.

    I remembered to get a bag of candy this year and we didn't get a single trick or treater. There is only one family with littler kids on our street and most likely they didn't think it was worth bothering with so few houses.

  6. My poor animals are locked up anyway! (well, except for the horse and she's out in the jungle where no one bothers anyone)

  7. We live in the middle of no where! We don't get trick or treaters and we don't get any high school kids doing stupid stuff, they are all out at some party getting drunk! My dogs stay inside all the time anyway.

  8. My dogs and stuff are always with me, usually inside especially if it's after dark. I do own a black cat though and I do not let him outside on Halloween. People are just sick and twisted and can only imagine what they would do with a black cat, that is if they can catch him hehehe. Possum lives outside at a boarding barn off the beaten path with the owner'shouse about 30 ft from his paddock so I really don't worry

  9. We live out in the boonies where we rarely ever get trick-or-treaters, unless a parent drives a little group out and stops at each house. Last year and this year we didn't even get one trick-or-treater, though.
    I have to drive my 3 kidlets out into the suburbs to trick-or-treat, though we do stop off at several of our neighbor's houses who are very generous with the candy and goodies. hehe!
    Mostly, though, it's quiet and peaceful out here, even for July 4th.