Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Geldings, Geldings Everywhere and Not a Mare to... Buy

WHAT is with all the geldings!!! I would really, (really) prefer to buy a registered mare but every time I turn around it is another bloody gelding at the top of my list! And an APPY gelding no less! My god what has happened to me!

So, I've made a few offers on two mares but both were rejected. One, on the bay roan mare came as no surprise (I figured it was worth a shot as you never know how desperate people are to sell) but the other was $1500 (and stated that they were "motivated sellers") but I guess they have had a lot of interest in her because they didnt counter my $1100 offer (I figured we'd meet in the middle at $1250)... if you are wondering why I wouldnt just "eat" the couple hundred if I liked her that much?The answer is I dont like her that much. She is one of those that works on paper but that I didnt get a strong "vibe" off of. And speaking of "vibes"....

What is it with those sneaky gut feelings? People seem to think it is smart to "listen to your gut" but sometimes I wonder if it is a combination of our own wants/desires, how articulate of a sales person the owner is, the quality of the photo, and a thousand other variables that lead to that "feeling" rather than a valid premonition. I dont know why it is I look at some ads that look perfectly respectable and feel a little twinge in my gut that says "move on" or why a horse that looks like anything but "the one" pulls me right in.

I am also having trouble sticking to my sound, sane and broke matters more than pretty. For example there is a nice, decently bred, reg. QH mare that seems to fit the bill in every way going... she is big boned, solid footed, well broke for anyone to ride, sweet and has no vices. Her body is nice and square, she has a cute head and one truly god awful neck. It is one of those necks that ties in all wrong, has terribly proportions, a thick throat latch and no shape... but it strong looking and has just just enough length to still be flexible enough for my purposes. This neck can get me where I want to go... I just dont know if I will be able to stand looking at it all the time. When I show up at the barn am I going to think... "There is my horse....awe, isnt she a cute little thing... but good lord look at that neck!" I am beginning to worry that I'll never find a horse (in my budget) that meets my impossibly high standards.

I am also having trouble resisting the green broke "prospect" over the older steady eddie. I just figure that if I am going to be doing a lot of riding over the winter why not get something that needs the miles? The BIG proviso there is that they would have to be naturally quiet, confident and sweet natured horses with a good start on them.

I really hope that next time I write a post it will be to tell you guys that I found THE one!

Until then... *bangs head repeatedly against wall*


  1. If you really don't like something about a horse, you won't like it more later (same rule applies to men!). Hence, the neck issue. However, don't ever just buy pretty - I've been there and done that (see Maisie) - lots of confirmation flaws and little or no training, but really, really beautiful (and don't forget expensive - this was the old days). I'm still paying for that mistake - she's a sweet horse but has more soundness issues than you can shake a stick at - but she's still beautiful!

    My order is: temperament/mind, soundness, confirmation (not for show but for soundness) and only then gender, breed, size, etc. Your requirements may be different but stick to them, whatever they are.

  2. I would not buy a horse that needs you to finish breaking her out, no green horses! I did that with my mare because she was fantastically built, beautiful color, fantastic markings, awesome bloodlines. I figured what could it hurt? R.E.G.R.E.T!

  3. Bummer!

    I'm kind of a head and neck girl myself...of course you know full well I look at the other end first, but....

    I kind of figured the shortage of nice, riding mares was going to start happening. I think I did a post a couple of years ago about saving the mares.

    They were the first to be dumped because, 'no one wants to ride mares', 'people will always buy a nice gelding, but putting time in on a mare is a waste'.

    Happy hunting though woman and don't get frustrated. It's all about having fun and ending up with what you want.

  4. I know the experts say don't go by looks and color, but ya know what, I have to like how the horse looks! I hate to say this, but I could never own an ugly horse! Some people don't care, but I just can't do it!!
    Good luck, and I sure hope you have some really good news for us all very soon!!

  5. I am a picky "looks" person as well, but....if a horse meets all of my criteria and has a few conformational flaws, I can do it.
    However, it cannot be something that would bug me every time I looked at the horse.

    Tough decision for sure. Now, about the greenies...There are a lot of green horses out there that have the temperment of a steady-eddy, and then there are the ones who act green.

    I say go see them, ride them, and see what your gut tells you. You have the experience and the knowledge to bring one up nicely. : )

  6. Hmm I would have a hard time looking aat something ugly all the time too, I know you cant ride pretty, but there are a LOT of horses out there and Im sure there is one that rides nice and is pretty as well.

    I also prefer to ride a mare, not sure why, ive had some real nice geldings (actually have one now, but I keep wishing he was a mare!)

  7. I WANTED a gelding here, but I found a mare. Luckily, I've fallen in love with this mare and she fits all my requirements. Except Casey isn't her fan. But really, I WANTED a gelding, but our market is saturated with mares. Nary a good gelding to be had when we were looking.

    I am very glad we found Molly. She's wonderful. I just wish Casey liked her more.

  8. I bet you'll know it when it's the right one. Don't settle. Have fun in Maui!