Monday, August 23, 2010

Remember JW?

Remember this little rascal!!??

Well, he went and grew up pretty dang fast!

He has a few more years to enjoy the good life....

Before some lucky horseman gets to turn him in to a working horse....
JW is being put up for sale this week. I want to buy him, of course. Why wouldnt I? Look at how puuuurdy he's become!

But then, he comes by "pretty" honestly too... just look at his momma...

But I shall resist!
If you know of anyone looking for a good reining, cowhorse or just good ol' usin' horse you know where to find me! (he is in BC)


  1. He is a cutie pie! If I was looking for another horse, I would definitely consider him!! I am sure he will go to a wonderful working home!!

  2. He's exactly the kind of "dream horse" I want to have someday. Too bad that day hasn't come yet.