Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Me + Math = Imbecile

Where has this week gone? Seriously. I think I slipped in to some kind of summer time warp! Between spending time in the sun, at music festivals, visiting with friends and playing with ponies I've also managed to gut out some of the deepest, messiest corners of my closet (both of the literal and proverbial kind...though not in a gay kind of way:) It wasnt easy but I hope it is for the best.

Anyways... why the "Me + Math = Imbecile" title? I am studying... well actually at this moment I am, more specifically, procrastinating but I should be studying. Tomorrow I should be going in to take a test... and I haven't taken a test of any kind in, *thinks hard* a decade? Actually more! Yikes! I feel even more intimidated now, and a little old to boot!

I am going to go in to take a University Upgrade Assessment. This will test my English and math comprehension so that the university can place me in appropriate upgrading classes that will prepare me to take university or collage credit courses. I have no (read "No" in ginormous capital letters) idea what I want to do! I only know that I need to take the first step... even if my direction and destination is as of yet unknown.

But first, the test. I am not at all concerned about the English test. It is not that I think I will do really well it is that I am looking forward to taking the classes that will review what I learned (or didn't learn) in high school. But math... oh fuck no. Seriously. I just reviewed a little bit of asthmatic and my brain already hurts. Didn't I learn this shit in Grade 4? Shouldn't dividing, multiplying, and doing god-knows-what with fractions and all that other junk be stored somewhere in that long dormant aspect of my mind! It seems not! To make matter worse it would also seem that all the anxiety, frustration and insecurities that I once associated with all things math have remained firmly attached to what little stored information is left! With each feeble memory I pull loose from that dark and dusty recess comes out the echo of those old emotional scars.... the battle wounds of years spent waging war against the ever eager pull of a dominant right sided mind.

I am doomed.


  1. Okay, so here is some good news for you...the assessment tests (at least the ones I took after some time off between colleges) were basic, Basic, BASIC.

    However, I am by no means a mathmetician nor have I ever been able to remember any of the stuff I supposably learned in school so I barely squeaked by basic math. But I did and I am sure you will too.

    As for knowing what you want to do...the first few years of college really are geared toward the classes that EVERYONE has to take. It won't matter that you don't have a major. I'm sure you will find something interesting. If nothing else, Business Management is always a safe bet. Unless you want to do HR, do not major in Business Admin...Yea, I made that mistake.(rolls eyes at myself)

    Good luck and have fun getting ready to go back to school. ;)

  2. all I can say is good luck! Math hates me!

  3. I took test like that a year ago. I did real bad in math. Mine were multiple choice, but they should have had E. Stick a finger in my ear cause I have no freeking idea what the question even is!

  4. Ohhhh I hate math too - its cause, as you know, we are right brained, even if good at it we find it boring as hell so don't pursue it at all....ick sorry I do not envy you this week.

    I tested low getting back into school too - and while I resented having to spend the money and extra time take the basic math classes I am glad I did it. As it turned out I am WAY better at math as an adult than as a youth. You may find that too! Its real common in right brained women, at the time we were learning math our brains weren't structurally ready for it but they are now, so I wish you good luck but if you test low don't worry. Plus the college math teachers were WAY better than my high school math teachers...

  5. Don't you know horse crazed people don't need math? 1 horse plus 1 horse equals the need for 2 more horses... take away 1 horse and that equals the need for 3 more horses.. and ya.. booo to math!

  6. Good luck!!!! The math and english placement tests are pretty difficult down here. College math is considered advanced algebra, trig and calculus.

    I had to take a 90 level refresher class before I qualified for a college math class (college being 100 level or above)

    No matter what the outcome, kudos to you for taking this next step. : )

  7. Oh Girl! This was the BEST post ever! I love all the responses!
    If we are writers, and we are or we wouldn't be blogging- we don't have the 'stones' for math. If it wernn't for the math classes I could nave been a VET, or a TEACHER, or Biologist... instead of a lowly writer.
    I hope what Stephanie says is true- that we are better at math as we get older cuz our brains are more mature...
    Whatever- I wish you well in this new endevor and I admire your guts for going for it! I wish I had!