Tuesday, August 10, 2010


There are about umpteen factors that I did not list in my last post, and that I wont get in to here, which lead to my ultimate decision and laid the groundwork for The Plan (how pathetic it is that I think there's more drama in capitilizing The Plan.) I may get in to a few of those reasons in future posts but let's just say that it is more than just plain ol' dollars and cents logic.

Yesterday I bought Abby's foal. The day before yesterday I owned Abby's foal.

A curious plan, isnt it?

I signed another year's lease on Abby at the same time as I signed a purchase agreement on her unborn foal.

Marcy officially has Abby on a breeding lease until September of 2011. She officially owns the foal she is carrying and will own that foal should Abby (with blessings from above) deliver a healthy baby in April of 2011. That little bundle of joy will be born under contract for sale to me and I will have 30 days from the time that foal hits the ground to put a deposit on him that will hold him until weaning. At weaning I will owe the remainder of the purchase price.

The only part of this that really matters is that the purchase price is less than the figure I came up with when I crunched the numbers and discovered how much it would cost me to get that foal to weaning. I am saving money.

The other important part is that purchase price (god willing) will be slightly more than what it will cost Marcy to raise that foal. She will make money.

A win win situation.

The kicker is that should I decide for any reason that I can not take on the care of foal I simply will not put down the deposit and that purchase contract will become null and void. I can walk away.

Marcy also benefits should I choose not to close as she will then retain ownership and be able to sell that foal for fair market value (which is greater than what she is selling it to me for.)

I will not be registered as the breeder and I will not technically be raising that foal from birth (as I had dreamed) but that really is a small compromise in the bigger picture.

This plan may not seem that complicated laid out the way it is but the reasoning that lead to this decision had many facets, benefits and compromises that I shall leave here unexamined...all that matters for now is that this plan works brilliantly for the both of us... or is should... with blessings from above.

I have written another post laying out some of the reasoning behind my dream of owning and raising my own foal. It will appear as the post before this one. To link to that post click here: Why Buy Abby's Foal? Sorry for the length of the post... sometimes I find the writing process very cathartic:)


  1. what about a riding horse? Are you still gonna try and get one?

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  3. Kristen- YES!! More on that next post.

    Link to my post explaining things better...


  4. I had posted a comment earlier but deleted it as I wanted to rethink what I had written and as well think about my situation that has presented itself in front of me. It's a lot to get into in a "comment" box, but I will try! I have the ability to breed to him (ya, surprise! my stunning boy has little swimmers out there) to a proven very athletic mare, care in a facility that I trust, and be able to have a very fancy, well bred, talented next jumper to move on to after I retire my boy. Same story! I did a bunch of research (yay for good, top European bloodlines-ya you should have seen my jaw drop!!) and the possibility of bringing a horse into this world that I know will have proper training and foundation.... There is some very emotional feelings as it's a Bronson without the abuse and a way for me to keep competing with a nice horse (half the cost!) Like I said, long story for a comment box... but when it comes down to it, I deleted my comment, because I'm sitting in your boat! :D Want help rowing?

  5. I have to say, I am getting rather annoyed with the negative connotation associated with the term BYB (not with you-with the general negativity associated with the term). Some of the greatest horses in history were raised in people's back yards, in chicken coops even(King P-234) and were the product of one person with a dream of breeding for, raising and owning ONE special horse.

    As for the saturated horse market...Are you raising a horse for 'the market'? Ummm...NO! You are raising a horse for YOU. However, you have done your homework and know that you are creating a horse that in the long run the market would gladly accept based on popular and proven genetics.

    Personally, I think the 'horse market' needs to back in the direction of individuals raising one (or very few) foals that they have future goals for. All of these people breeding masses of generically bred horses is what created the saturated market, NOT the individual BYB with a dream.

    Besides...I drool a little everytime you post a picture of the foal that Abby already produced. How could a person EVER go wrong with wanting one of those?

  6. Yes I agree with BEC - and am sorry you were harassed. Hope all turns out great with the babe! And am of course looking forward to many wonderful picture of him...

  7. Okay BEC, your comment has made me want to edit/clarify my original one down below. Instead of coming down on backyard breeders, I should have come down on irresponsible breeders.

    You know the ones that breed a gazillion mares to their stallion(s), because...well who knows why. There are literally hundreds of reasons

    BYB's can be responsible just as large ranches/breeders can be irresponsible. Thanks for pointing that out. : )

    Anyone who pays attention to and is knowledgeable about genetics, bloodlines, athleticism, or current market and breeds for specific reasons, is responsible...regardless of the size of their breeding operation.

    Oh, and for the record??? I do not consider you (BEC) a BYB. You know I would gladly take any of your horses off of your hands...lol!!! : )

  8. I'm sorry Mel. I didn't even read the comment you left on the previous post. My comment wasn't directed at anyone in particular.

    Actually love, I am a BYB...And damn proud of it. You did give me a good idea for a post though. ;-)