Friday, August 20, 2010

Hot Sexy Fashionista or Cute Demure Lady?

I have a wedding to attend this coming weekend and so spent today doing a little dress shopping....Not fun when you're feeling less than impressed with your body. I did find three contenders which I currently have on hold. Two of the dresses could hardly be any less alike. One is just plain... well, hot. It is bold, stylish and curve hugging.... and I gotta lotta curves. It is the kind of dress that some sexy fashionista would wear- chocolate brown (which is a great color on me) with long sleeves, a gathered waist, ruched stitching, knee length and a sharply cut (but not deep) "V" neckline. This is a dress not meant to make you look slim, it is meant for some uber-confident vixen who is both proud and looking to flaunt a (bursting to) full hour glass figure. It is... the personality I SO wish I could be.

(the brown dress is a little like the salmon colored one in this photo... only with a "V" neckline and to knee length... and a gathering rouched type thing between the ribcage under the breast)

The second dress is that of a lady. It's beautiful blue color compliments my eyes and skin tone and the skirt is calf length, flowy and falls off my hip in a flattering loose a-line. This one is sleeveless which I am not thrilled over due to my I-don't-have-a-horse-to-keep-them-shapely arms. The neckline is high and very modest but actually seems to enhance an ample bosom. My Mom said that I look like I'm "all boobs" to which I replied, "And that's a bad thing because?!" The ONLY benefit to being overweight is that I actually have a fairly decent rack and I dont intend on hiding that fact. *evil grin*

(The blue dress reminded me of Julia Roberts as Viv when she goes to the polo match in Pretty Women... it is the same neckline, with a heavy belt and loose skirt but is a blue kinda muted leopard print-ish but not really:).

Somewhere in between the two is a little black dress that is both sexy, classy and not quite so over-the-top as the brown one. It has a very deep neckline (the sales attended suggested I could wear a camisole of some kind underneath if I was uncomfortable with the cleavage (thanks but no thanks, I'm 28 for chrickees sake!!) and it is curve hugging but in not nearly as bold of a way. I like the dress but unlike the blue one (which makes me feel like wearing a pill box hat and white gloves) or the brown one (which makes me feel like wearing some dangerously high heels and shaking my stuff) the black one just makes me feel... well... nothing.

After writing this out I've decided that none of the above will do. I want to feel sexy but comfortable and I want to feel lady like but still youthful and fun and I definetly want a dress to make me feel something!

I guess it is back to shopping I go! This time I'll bring a camera!


  1. Oh I am glad you decided to bring your camera! Its so hard to comment when you have to use your imagination.
    Be comfy, and stylish and fun! Just don't wear white- that should be reserved for the bride!
    Can't wait to see what you have chosen!

  2. Your mom's "all boobs" comment made me giggle... and remember wedding dress shopping.
    My mom & I were looking through bridal mags and she pointed to a beautiful halter dress and said she thought it would look great on me. I replied "Yeah maybe, but it would also look like there was nothing but a pair of boobs walking down the aisle!" lol

  3. good luck! I'm at an overweight stage in my life as well so I despise shopping!

  4. Ohhh, I kinda wish you went for the brown one! Fake it 'til you make it!

  5. Pictures of all of them and any others you find, please!