Thursday, November 25, 2010


I wanted to tell you all a story today but I got sidetracked. You see, I realized I had no way to express my total and utter surprise over a situation... And then I thought of a word that would work... but then I remembered that word it isnt used here in North America... which doesn't explain why I know it other than that it could be that I have an unhealthy addiction to low budget British soap opera (not really but it would be cool if I did).

Anyways, so I got to thinking about how I could express the sentiment I lacked words to express and I came up with "Taken Aback....

*bland stare*

That is what I thought!

"Taken aback" is such a blah say way to express shock... like really? Is that the best we can do? Let's see how this jives in a sentence....*insert up crust accent* "I tell you, I was quite taken aback that dirty harlot spat on my boot!"


There is just no zing! Neither does "disconcerting".... Who on god's green earth says "disconcerting"... picture this... two men sit drinking beer at bar when out of nowhere a naked redheaded women streaks across the room screaming, "You'll never catch me I'm the ginger-bread-man" Can anyone picture on of those men turning to the other and saying, "Did you see that? How disconcerting!"

No! They wouldnt! What would they say? Well... I could take a guess but I'm guessing my Mom is going to read this in the morning so I'll just go with, "Holy Sheeet!" Which, IMHO, is really boring, dont you think? My point is what you ask? Well! I have one....

There is a word that I think we should adopt in North America! It's a British expression (we wont hold that against it) that sounds like giberish but is just so perfectly and richly expressive!... Are you ready for it?


BOOM!! Just like that! When someone says, "I was totally GOBSMACKED!!!" You dont even need the cap locks and explanation points! It just speaks for itself!

How totally wicked is that word!


*really confused crickets*



  1. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot already Chelsi! What the heck is the thing that has you GOBSMACKED?????

    LOL.... Yer not right, but we sure love ya anyways ;)

  2. haha thats funny, but sounds kinda gross too!

  3. There's gobsmacked, there's bushwacked, and then there's bimswuzzled!


  4. OK, GOBSMACKED is good, I guess, if you say so, BUT wees got to know why!

    And I must agree with Mrs Mom, yer definitely not right........but then that's why we love ya!

  5. Well- I use disconcerted and taken aback all of the time!
    BUT that is just because I forget about the word GOBSMACKED! It is perfect!
    Perfect for what?... we await your story!

  6. Hey I like Gobsmacked - and have even used it. Not sure where I picked it up - perhaps it more common than you think. lol

  7. My eldest is in love with all things British. She'd get a kick out of saying GOBSMACKED, probably to the point of annoying me. It's a great word, Chelsi. I think you should use it. Just without the accent, please. I hear enough of what I call "Disney British" here at home.

  8. I use disconcerted a lot, actually and have use gobsmacked on occasion, but should probably use it more. It is a most excellent word.

  9. That is a GREAT expression! I've heard it used quite a few times and it totally get's the point across!