Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Remember... to my Grandfathers

Until just a few days ago I had never seen a picture of my father's father. He passed when my Dad was just a boy and was not spoken of within our family. I didn't know that he was a Flight Officer for the Canadian Forces and went by the name Spence, but today I do... and so today is the first Remembrance Day wherein I will give thanks for and take pride in the fact that both my Grandfather Spence and my Grandfather Hugh (Poppie) served for our country in WWII. To all the other men and women who served and continue to serve....To those whom I owe my freedom, I also give my heartfelt thanks.

(In Canada, on the eleventh hour of November 11th, we pause to give thanks and to remember our veterans. It is a national holiday we call Remembrance Day.)

(Man at Left is my Poppie)


  1. Great pictures. My grandfather and great uncle both served...

    Here's to those that have served, both past and present. My brother in law's brother has been to Afghanistan twice so far...

  2. I dont know anyone that served in the older wars, but a couple people more recently, they are so necessary to our country, I applaude them.

  3. Your Remembrance Day is our Veterans Day. Same for us at 11am we pause and thank those for for what they've done for us and the sacrifices they have made. I am proud to come from a long line of military members!

  4. Great tribute to your grandfather and all those who served.