Saturday, November 27, 2010

Epic Fail Cupcakes, Blinded by the Caesar and a B-day

I think today's post need some music so I'm going to go ahead and suggest this classic...

Great song! I actually like both this and Bruce's version... Only...I have to admit that in my mind the song goes "revved up like a douche..." (as in the feminine hygiene product)... which I read on wikipedia is actually a fairly common mistake...


Anyways... so I made a few cakes this evening... as well as one batch of "epic fail" cupcakes. No seriously... You know when you are baking a huge batch of cookies or cupcakes... at first the pans are filled with evenly portioned pieces baked to golden perfection but with each batch you slowly but surely loose your will to live and desire to produce an edible product until towards the last batch the portions have doubled in size and though you've already consumed enough dough that you feel six months pregnant you still consider eating just a little more in an effort to reduce that bottomless bowl of batter... until finally, on your last batch you convince yourself that, in fact, the remaining batter really is fit to make 12 slightly over sized cupcakes rather than the 24...

I think you get where I'm going with this...

*hangs head in shame*

Lovely right?

In other news...

"Blinded by the Caesar".... Only I (bitter sounding emphasis on "I") could actually hurt myself on a freak piece of lettuce! I mean, who does that? I was eating supper and this little bastard piece of lettuce did some kind of judo move on my fork and flipped up a glob of dressing directly into my poor defenceless eye. The combo of garlic, lemon and Tabasco quickly went to work in an apparent effort to singe and destroy by fire my optic nerve and conjunctie. I thought I had lost my eye. Seriously. So if, in the future, if you see me eating my Caesar salad with safety glasses on you'll know why.

And last but not least I'd like to wish my beautiful and amazing mother a very Happy Birthday!


  1. "When Food Attacks"...

    Only you, Chelsi.

  2. i think those muffins look yummy! are they cherry?

    it looks to me that your oven is wonky that some look done and some look exploded. hm.

    tabasco sauce in salad dressing? your culture is so far from the one i'm in now!

    i asked for red chili flakes for my pizza last night and they had no idea what i was talking about. *sigh*

    keep us appraised of the cooking adventures. i'm learning too.


  3. LMAO, visualizing the lettuce judo move, ROTFLMAO.....

  4. thats awesome, the cupcakes then the salad, bad food day!

  5. Hey, there are at least 5 serviceable cupcakes there! I agree it is weird that the ones on the ends turned out better than those in the middle...were the especially over-stuffed?

    I also always sang those lyrics (in my head) as "revved up like a douche". I still don't know what they really say, though I think I looked it up at one point.

  6. OMG! I thought Onion goggles were funny- you in goggles eating a Cesar with tabasco( are you near our southern borders perhaps?) is just killing me! Very Funny!

  7. Vaquero- nope... all the way up here in Canada:) But my HS lived in Dallas and eats Tobasco on EVERYTHING.

    Ruckus- My oven is much hotter in the back so nothing bakes even... i've just learned to turn the pan around half way. The issue was that I put waaaaay too much batter in each spot:)

    Lytha- They are cupcakes (I dont blame you for being confused:) and they are "pink" velvet because I didnt have enough food coloring to make red velvet.

  8. When Food Attacks - yes very funny! But ya know, it happens to all us. No one is immune to the occasional baking flub. I am not laughing at you I am laughing with you - thanks for making me smile...