Tuesday, November 2, 2010


(Doesnt that look deee-lish! *questioning stare*)

I guess you could say I have a confession to make... but that would indicate that somehow or another I consider this a bad thing, which it isnt, or I guess some people would say it is but I think everything in moderation right? So, I guess you could call it a statement of fact but that sounds too formal... Whatever... the bottom line is that every few months I get a serious craving for good old fashion KD.... It is a hankering that can only be satiated by the genuine product... not the no name brand, not the spirals or the tomato flavored or any of that! Just good, plain overcooked Kraft Dinner.

Does that
I guess I'm a traditionalist that way. I've know some people like to take their KD to the next level....My brother-in-law actually puts peanut butter in his!!!! He claims that if you really think about it long enough it isnt that gross... I wont even give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. My stepmom used to melt real cheese into it and my granny loved the Velveeta addition while my Mom wont touch the stuff claiming she had it too often as a kid. Personally I tend to use less milk and a good dollop of butter and over cook my pasta just slightly...I like it thick and squishy:) Throw some hotdog bits in there and all the better.

Anyways, there it is...a post that is neither provocative, funny or even remotely interesting but still oddly relevant. There is simply no replacing that vibrant orange plate of cheesy goodness (with Ketchup on the side please).


  1. Ok, maybe I can't see the picture clearly but what the heck is that stuff around the mac ring? It looks like raw meat patties. But I love kraft mac and cheese too...sometimes I like to doctor it up a bit by melting various flavors of cheeses on top...my favorite is pepper jack.

  2. Um, ya, I'm wondering just what else is on that plate too!

    I do lurve me some good ol' mac n'cheese and my fave addition is hot dogs as well. Never tried it with ketchup, but that does sound kinda tasty!

    Darn it...now I want some.

  3. mmm I likes me some KD as well, I like it with lots of milk and butter, kinda soupy like and sometimes ketchup sometimes not. I add hotdogs for my husband too, but i prefer it without, mmmm.

  4. haha, I just had a look at that first pic a little closer and I think its spam!

  5. Gotta be KD! My sister likes it soupy, my husband likes it with pepper and hotdogs, I like it with ketchup! I hope I never get tired of the stuff.

  6. I like it the next day...fried.

    Yup...Fried Mac N Cheese...with ketchup on top. Yummy!

    Leftovers don't happen very often though-LOL. So sometimes I make some on the sly and stick it in the fridge. The last place my family would ever think to look for food.

  7. ooooo fried sounds good...how do you fry it?...Actually I've had deep fried, somehow they got it in ball form and deep fried it...so yummy....now I gotta go make some tonight

  8. Okay, have to put my 2 cents in, since I'm a KD expert :) I'm sure you remember Chelsi!! Unfortunately it's a bad habit I've had since childhood & still can't break it...could eat it everyday, I never get sick of it. I actually like the noodles a bit undercooked, lots of butter, only a little milk, so it's a little dry/cheesy/crunchy (sounds wierd but tastes good), with ketchup on after the first few bites. (That's a little embarassing that I've got the cooking down to a science). Jaimie

    P.S. KD is the BEST hangover food :)

  9. Oh! I agree! I am a freak about making things from scratch - but every now and then - I just gotta have some KD.

    And for some reason it always seems better the next day heated up in the microwave.

  10. I agree Jaimie, undercooked!! I cook 6 minutes exactly. I usually eat it as is in all its cheesiness...but occasionally add ketchup or salsa.

    Will try fried next time. That sounds pretty yummy